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Contact Info

Kellwell Food Management

Address: P.O. Box Z Beattyville, KY 41311

Phone: (606) 464-9596

Our Services

tray productionThe Kellwell management team will work individually with the specific needs of each facility.
Our many services offer innovative, customized solutions that comply with local, state & federal guidelines.

Food Service - Provide complete meal service operations for inmate population

  • Create a cost effective, nutritional well balanced menu.
  • Prepare, cook and serve three meals a daily.
  • Food tray ware washing and standard clean up.
  • Manage food supply ordering and inventory.

Commissary Service - Oversee overall commissary operations

  • Manage ordering and inventory of all items sold in commissary.
  • Coordinate with facility staff to fill and distribute orders.
  • Assist with any filing or ordering procedures

Laundry Service - Manage laundry cleaning and distribution for entire facility

  • Manage duties associated with facility laundry needs.
  • Provide effective solution to laundry schedule and chemical usage.

Culinary Arts Vocational Program - Provide ‘Hands On’ instructional learning to selected inmates

  • 9 week course schedule– Introduction to the Culinary Arts
  • Designed to teach inmates essential food preparation skills.
  • Fosters inmate morale and can assist with transition back into the workforce.